About Me

There are a million buzz words out there to just begging to steal a bit of your valuable time. This blog is not that. Straight talk, keen insights, valuable quick bite content that’s going to directly change how you operate daily. We’re all about the tech industry and it’s evolving landscape. We’ll talk about current digital marketing trends and future trajectories, breaking apart why things are changing and how you can best capitalize on the flux. The Free Thinkers Business Network is dedicated to smashing through the noise and delivering useful advice on a regular basis.

My name is Lawrence Stevens and I’ve been investing in the tech for over fifteen years. As a husband and father of two children who has invested through two recessions, I know how volatile the market can be. Through those tumultuous times though, I’ve also learned countless useful tidbits that have made me the savvy tech innovator that I am today. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I make the most out of my weeks so that I can hit the trails and mountain bike on my weekend. I’ve made my career pay for my fun and that’s what I want to help you achieve. Through data focused, research-driven articles, and SEO, this blog is going to become your best friend. I’ll be providing articles on the most widespread digital trends of the past year; how analytics are evolving for a more intelligent consumer; and where the globalized market is moving the open market in the next ten years. All of these articles are going to be coming straight to this website. So, make sure you’re stopping by frequently for new stuff.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit them on my contact page. I don’t believe in dumb questions, though I believe in bad answers. You won’t get those here.

Invest well in your life and invest well in your career, if you do that, you’re on your way to a happy, healthy life.

All the best,
Lawrence Stevens